Kristan Uhlenbrock

Series Host, Writer, & Executive Producer

Kristan is the Director of the Institute for Science & Policy. Her objective is to ensure science has a respected role in public discourse and policymaking. Before joining the Institute, Kristan worked for the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research on external engagement to strengthen the visibility of the research, capabilities, and opportunities for partnership with the organization. She spent almost a decade in Washington, DC, in the nonprofit, think tank, and government sectors engaging in a range of Earth science and policy challenges. She holds an M.A. in Science Writing and an M.S. in Marine Science. 

Tricia Waddell

Writer and Producer 

Tricia is the managing editor for the Institute for Science & Policy, overseeing all print, digital, and social media communications. She has held many editorial leadership roles in publishing houses and media companies creating educational content for books, magazines, digital, and video. Former roles include Executive Content Director, Fine Art Division at Golden Peak Media and Head of Content and Video Production at Bluprint under NBC Universal. Prior to working in publishing she spent a decade in the non-profit sector as a community educator and grant writer focused on issues from conservation to public health.

Seth Samuel

Sound Designer

Seth Samuel is a Pulitzer Prize finalist and Peabody Award-winning sound designer, and a nine-time Emmy Award-winning composer. He is the original score composer for the ongoing PBS series Deep Look, and for the podcast Against The Rules With Michael Lewis; and the sound designer for dozens of podcasts including the multi-award winning NBC News podcast Southlake. From 2010-2015, in San Francisco, Seth produced and mixed KALW's multi-award-winning daily news show Crosscurrents and hundreds of radio features, interviews, and documentaries for KALW. He has a bachelor's degree in music composition from Oberlin Conservatory and a master's degree in music composition for film and multimedia from NYU. Seth lives in Denver, Colorado with his brilliant wife, his son, his dog, and their foster cat (or cats, depending on the day.)

Nicole Delaney

Field Recorder & Researcher

Nicole provides Business Support for the Institute for Science & Policy. She has an extensive background in organizing people and content with Denver Parks and Recreation and Mayo Clinic. She is passionate about nonprofits and aims to help build a better future; she is on the board of Denver Employee Volunteer Opportunities, which supports and facilitates volunteer projects in Denver Metro.

Kate Long

Field Recorder & Researcher

Kate Long is an Engagement and Policy Specialist at the Institute for Science & Policy. She is a former community resilience consultant, with a dedication to equitable public policy and community building. In her past role, she collaborated with state and local governments throughout the United States on projects related to hazard mitigation planning, resiliency building, invasive species management, flood mitigation, and federal grant administration.

Kate holds a Master of Public Administration in Environmental Policy from Cornell University. As a former resident of the U.S. Virgin Islands, she is passionate about disaster risk reduction and preparedness. In her free time, she enjoys hiking with her dog, watching movies, and baking desserts for friends and family.

Jesse Boynton

Audio Engineer

Jesse Boynton is an Audio Engineer based in Denver, Colorado. In addition to managing a recording studio, he also works in sound design, audio editing, location recording, and music composition.

Additional Support:

Meredith Sell, Writer

Denver-based freelance writer and editor Meredith Sell has reported on air quality, climate, and health (among other topics) for 5280 Magazine. She's written for Denver institutions like Regis University and The Denver Foundation, and environmentally-minded organizations like Walking Softer and Bright Feeds. She runs Women's Barbell Club, an independent newsletter focused on women, fitness culture, and strength training. Her writing has appeared in The Physiologist Magazine, Christianity Today, and BarBend